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           Synopsis: The play continues at the heart of Blaha Lujza square, yet the National Theatre of Hungary no longer stands... There is an invisible barrier that separates the stone faces of the passers by, the whispers of those who wait, and the music from the deep end of the square. At the crossroads of a heavy past and a bitter present, the masks hold still and the pavement seems to disturb.


Length: 26min54

Genre: Creative Documentary
Country of production: Hungary, France
Produced by DocNomads

in distribution


Director: Antonin Blanc
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc, Tanya Haurylchik

Docnomads, Antonin Blanc, Erasmus mundus master

The square of Blaha lujza (trailer)

Creative process & related projects:


The three films presented on this page are part of my current works in progress. The city is the main focus: the work depicts how its motion interlaces with our psychological spaces, and how the perspectives of movement affect anonimity or empathy.
Further ahead stands the metaphore of the city as one living organism, where
humans become cells, forgetting about the motion of the whole organism. What is the common will driving these post-modern cities? How do all these narrative lines interlace? Is there a space where people can meet, out of the synchronicity from it's commercial use?

Related project: Marché noir. 

To all sons of our mother

       Synopsis:  A dirty old street wouldn't dare to spit on the Champs Élysées..


Length: 8min35

Genre: Essay film

Country of production: France/Belgium
Year of production: 2016

Produced by DocNomads


Directed & filmed by Antonin Blanc



Ode to a scriptgirl

       Synopsis:  A young woman drifts around the rainy streets of Paris. Melancholy emerges from the glimpses of passers-by, here is a view into the stream of perception from a bench.


Length: 4min33

Genre: Experimental

Country of production: France
Year of production: 2013



Directed & filmed by Antonin Blanc



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