Director of photography for Konbini News

These testimony are overwhelming for the french state.


In France, only 0,3% of minors who are victims of sexual abuse reach a condamnation for their perpetrator. Anna Ravix met these children and their aprents during a workshop of resiliance.

5.6 millions views

Country of production: France
Year of production: 2019
Produced by Konbini


Journalist: Anna ravix
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc


More than 6000 people are in the Samos camp in Greece, the camp is suppose to welcome 650 people. Anna Ravix followed the euro-deputy Damien Careme on the spot, the conclusion: the european union doesn't follow it's own rules. 

Views: 1.5 millions view

Country of production: France
Year of production: 2019
Produced by Konbini


Journalist: Anna Ravix
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc

Toxic waste in the open sky, arsenic everywhere, intoxicated children :  In the region of Aude, the old place of the gold mine of Salsigne is one of the most polluted of France.

At each storm the situation is getting worse, and competent authorities are sending back the problem to each other.

2.2millions views

Country of production: France
Year of production: 2019
Produced by Konbini


Journalist: Anna ravix
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc

Ils font la France -  Migrants, from emergency tor reconstruction

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           Synopsis: They are Syrians, Afghans, from Benin or Togo. They left their countries because of war or communitarian violence, and arrived in France after a long journey. Some are waiting for their asylum papers, some are here since 10 years. It is through daily gestures that they are learning the customs of their new country. There are the french who are engaged, and the refugees, heroes of the same film.

Length: 52min

Genre: Documentary
Country of production: France
Produced by CAPA

Distributed the 20th june 2018 on Numéro 23


Director: Antonin Blanc, Agnès Nabat

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Cameraman & Director for Vice France

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Couscous Tour - Cameraman for the third ep.

           Synopsis: In each episodes there are worm meetings with specialists of couscous, that might be chefs, passionate people or family's mothers. And beyond pure gastronomy, Anna make us discover a city, a neighbourhood, a culture, a religion...

Length: 22min /Country of production: France / Produced by Unrated

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Red Star la montée - Cameraman

           Synopsis: the Red Star was born more than one hundred years ago, second historical club from professional soccer in France. RED STAR proposes to live in an immersion with thoses that make the club alive. These players, coach, goal keeper, the passionated that exist around... More than a soccer story, this documentary talks about a french passion.

Length: 22min / Country of production: France / Produced by Unrated


           Synopsis: In the Middle of the Earth is a creative documentary set on the Greek island of Leros. Through a fragmented voice over, the film interweaves the stories of Kadio, a 103 year old local woman, Lefteris, a fisherman, and Ayat, a 10 year old refugee girl. Their personal memories are connected through two common themes; refugees and the sea. The film attempts to reflect on a fateful past that remains alive within the present, and allude to a shared human history that is continuously repeating itself.


Length: 22min30

Genre: Creative documentary
Country of production: Portugal/Greece
Produced by DocNomads


Director: Teyama Alkamli
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc

Breaking news in Turkey

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French correspondant for Tencent News Beijing

The crossed path of three Eritrean children in Calais

           Synopsis: Due to many years of war, and the Eritrean entrance age of the military service,  17 years of age are required to enlist. In order to avoid military service, a large number of children flee their homes in Eritrea, risking their lives to cross the border, the desert and the ocean, went to Europe to seek asylum. Calais refugee camp in northern France, the reporter saw Adi, Beiline and Daniel. They depart from Eritrea, after Sudan, Libya, Italy, arrived in France, and trying to reach Britain. But so far, they remain in refugee camps.


Length: 14min / Views: 470 000 / Country of production: France-China / Produced by Tencent News

Young terrorist woman in a pedagogical farm

           Synopsis: After being arrested in Turkey while trying to reach Syria, Louma a 18 years old french girl spent two years in the french jail judged as extremist. She is now living in the north of France doing a community service to finish her sentence.

Length: 5min18 / Views: 1.85 million / Country of production: France-China / Produced by Tencent News

The catacombs of Paris

           Synopsis: Antoine, a young french man has a passion, exploring the catacombs with his friends. What pushs him to break the law and risk his safety? A story that started with his father and unfolds through the history of Paris.

Length: 7min22 / Views: 1.24 million / Country of production: France-China / Produced by Tencent News

This is my blood

Synopsis - In the mid-80s, the infected blood scandal breaks out. Because of transfusions and blood products made with unheated blood, thousands of people, among which 4,000 haemophiliacs, contracted HIV.

While the controversy arises in France, the tragedy quietly continues abroad. Many contaminated blood products are delivered to Canada, Argentina, Portugal, Greece, Tunisia, Libya, Iraq and Iran, where new victims appear.


Length: 1H30

Genre: Documentary
Country of production: Iran/France


Director: Homa Moeini
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc (for the french part)

Tiny Little Delicate Foreign Castles

A camera is a dangerous weapon, rational argument is useless, and one's presence is a plausible threat. Yet, no one really knows what's going on. This is the world the film-maker enters while trying to film embassies in Lisbon.

Genre: Documentary
Country of production: Portugal
Produced by DocNomads

Director: Rob Key
2nd camera: Antonin Blanc



  • Visionaria Film Fest 2015, Siena, Italy. Winner of “Borders” competition.

  • DocLisboa 2014, Portugal, “Green Years” section.

  • Encontros de Cinema de Viana 2015, Portugal.

  • Festival 2015, Vienna, Austria.

  • Qabilia Film Festival 2015, Cairo, Egypt. Documentary Competition.

  • Caminhos Film Festival 2015, Coimbra, Portugal. National Competition.

  • One World Documentary Film Festival, 2016, Bucharest, Romania

  • FIDÉ Festival International du Documentaire Étudiant 2016, Pariss

Festival Soccer Tour

           Synopsis: Benoit Goure is a young dynamic man. he is working as a graphic designer in Paris airport and leads his life peacefully in the capital. The only difference: his physical handicap. Benoit will introduce us to the world of handicapped sports and his passion: Footsal (indoor soccer). The true story depicts the challenge for Benoit to create a League that allows him to both play and challenge the notion of normality. The film will take us to his journey to create a festival, then a league of futsal where anyone can compete, handiccaped or not.


Length: 25min30

Genre: Documentary
Country of production: France
Produced by l'association des couleurs


Director: Antonin Blanc
Cinematographer: Romain Buffi

Reprenons la Bastille

Presidential rally for Jean Luc Mélenchon

Country of production: France
Year of production: 2012
Produced by AlterGéo


Director: Eric Delyon
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc, Eric Delyon