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The man that sees himself from the outside

           Synopsis: A man wakes up with vision problems; he can see himself only from the point of view of the camera. After consulting various experts, he realizes it is not a somatic issue, and in order to resolve the problem he will have to find its origins through other means. Then, while trying to save his relationship with his ex-girlfriend with whom he broke up with the night before, his life takes a radical turn.

Length: 95min

Genre: Comedy
Country of production: France, Argentina
Produced by Art la loi


Director: Emmanuel Sabio
Director of photography: Antonin Blanc


The man that sees himself from the outside, director of photography, art la loi
Antonin Blanc, feature film, The man that sees himself
comedy, France argentine, 95min

The dream of a ridiculous man

           Synopsis: Tired of the world, the hero falls unto a deep sleep. His dream drive him to a utopian universe, a copy of earth without the original sin. In touch with the poeple there, he will introduce science et notions of truth that will bring them to their doom.

An adaptation of the novel of Fedor Dostoievsky

Length: 30min

Genre: Dance movie
Country of production: France
Produced by Cinésept

In distribution


Director: Antonin Blanc
Cinematographer: Cyprien Leduc, Romain Buffi, Antonin Blanc


International Dance film festival, Brussel, Belgium

Drim short film festival, Struga, Macedonia 12,14/10/18
Mostra Internacional de Videodança de São Carlos, Brazil, 22/10/18

Aqui Nada

           Synopsis: This is a story that serves as a rehearsal in a world in which the notion of time does not exist. Or perhaps it does exist but has somehow disappeared or is simply unrecognisable or incomprehensible to man. In this world the clouds no longer produce water, the last rains have fallen and the last Spring has ended.

The phrase: ‘Man is a point between two infinities’ has become the director of the scene. The length, the instances, moments are perceived as continuous and irreversible changes where the present becomes a past yet to be realised.

And then there is love.

Length: 110min

Genre: Comedy
Country of production: France, Spain
Produced by Art la loi


Director: Eric Gonzalez Herrero
Director of photography: Antonin Blanc


Dan's dreams

           Synopsis: Two men live away in a big house in decomposition. They eat, sleep, love and cry in a messy way, with no time neither routine. One of the man remember the time where he knew how to walk, to talk, when he was not an animal yet. Agonising, he decomposes himself at the same speed of the house, under the powerless gaze of his master, that takes refuge in his own past. Meanwhile a woman is on her way, her arrival is going to shake the relation between the couple. 


Length: 30min

Genre: Fiction comedy experimental
Country of production: France
Produced by l'insensible production


Director: Dan Cohen
Director of photography: Antonin Blanc


Zeiphira, the cat's princess

           Synopsis: Michel, a french artist, is fed up of the consumerism and emptyness of the Occident. He decides to leave to Turkey, but will soon get lost in the constant movement of the city. Driven by his curiosity and the surprising presence of cats, he will discover the tale of Zeihpira... the cat's princess.

Length: 30min
Country of production: Turkey
Year of production: 2013
Produced by Los Micheles prod.

In post-production


Director: ShamSham
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc

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