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The square of Blaha lujza (trailer)

           Synopsis: The play continues at the heart of Blaha Lujza square, yet the National Theatre of Hungary no longer stands... There is an invisible barrier that separates the stone faces of the passers by, the whispers of those who wait, and the music from the deep end of the square. At the crossroads of a heavy past and a bitter present, the masks hold still and the pavement seems to disturb.


Length: 26min54

Genre: Creative Documentary
Country of production: Hungary, France
Produced by DocNomads

in distribution


Director: Antonin Blanc
Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc, Tanya Haurylchik

Docnomads, Antonin Blanc, Erasmus mundus master

Belgrade is blue like an orange


       Synopsis:  A man is driving through Belgrade. There are reminiscences of the sovietic past that he despise, and luckily the city will inspire a neo-liberal manifesto.


Length: 10min

Genre: Docu-fiction

Country of production: France, Serbia
Year of production: 2018



Directed & filmed by Antonin Blanc





BIH looks around, Bottrop, Germany

6th ZEF festival, Zadar, Croatia

 Festival International Signes de Nuit, France, Portugal, Germany

Cefalu film festival, palermo, Italy

Lift off film festival, UK
10th Balkans Beyond Borders, Athens, Greece

CREABALK, Thessaloniki, Greece

5th New born short film, Berlin, Germany

The dream of a ridiculous man

           Synopsis: Tired of the world, the hero falls unto a deep sleep. His dream drive him to a utopian universe, a copy of earth without the original sin. In touch with the poeple there, he will introduce science et notions of truth that will bring them to their doom.

An adaptation of the novel of Fedor Dostoievsky

Length: 30min

Genre: Dance movie
Country of production: France
Produced by Cinésept

In distribution


Director: Antonin Blanc
Cinematographer: Cyprien Leduc, Romain Buffi, Antonin Blanc


International Dance film festival, Brussel, Belgium

Drim short film festival, Struga, Macedonia 12,14/10/18
Mostra Internacional de Videodança de São Carlos, Brazil, 22/10/18

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