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Artists: Emmanuel Olson, Margaux Delatour, Idriss Damien
Country of production: France
Year of production: 2014
Produced by Los Micheles prod.

Director: ShamSham

Cinematographer: Antonin Blanc

Artists: Ferryman ft. Cemre
Country of production: Turkey
Year of production: 2013
Produced by Universal picture middle east

Filmed and edited by Antonin Blanc

Istanbul state of mind

Long ways

Artist: Viola schmidt
Country of production: France
Year of production: 2011

Director & cinematographer: Antonin Blanc


       Synopsis:  In a small Belgium village destined to be swallowed by the water, a few traces of life remains. It is in the most vanished part of the world that images can freeze.

Country of production: Belgium
Year of production: 2015


Directed & filmed by Antonin Blanc




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